Why You Should Consider Buying Used

Are you finally ready to buy your dream car? Have you considered buying a used or pre-owned car instead of a brand new one? More and more people are. This is because buying a used vehicle has quite a few advantages that you simply cannot ignore.

At Strathmore Ford, we have a vast inventory of used vehicles for you to choose from and get the car that you have always wanted.

Whether you are looking for a truck, SUV, minivan or sedan, you can be sure that you will find it at our Ford dealership in Calgary. We have a wide range of used and certified pre-owned cars in Calgary. Apart from this, we also offer after-sales services provided by a team of honorable and reliable professionals who will make sure that your car-buying experience is simple and hassle-free.

Why Buy a Used Vehicle

Here is a look at a few reasons to buy a used car:

  • Save money: One of the top reasons that you should buy a used car is saving money. Purchasing a used vehicle instead of a brand new one can save you thousands of dollars. You also pay less in taxes and your auto insurance costs are lower when buying a used car. That is not all, you do not have to worry about landing yourself a beat up car as modern cars are built to last longer, which means you not only save thousands, but can also increase your chances that the used car you choose lasts many years to come.
  • CPO programs: When you are searching our website for a used car, you should check out the certified pre-owned (CPO) inventory as well. Vehicles in this category are usually off-lease vehicles that are as good as new. Cars that are sold through CPO programs are well taken care of, have low mileage, come with up-to-date maintenance, and even warranty programs.
  • Low financing rates with appealing terms: If you are buying a used car instead of a brand new one, you can expect favorable financing options. You can get lower rates with attractive terms that make it easier for you to pay for your car.

If you are considering buying a used car, make sure that you visit Strathmore Ford to speak with our used car dealers in Calgary. We not only offer a wide selection of used vehicles, but also Ford auto financing and other services to ensure that you are 100% satisfied.