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Looking for a reliable and efficient electric cargo van? Check out the Ford E-Transit-350! This vehicle is perfect for businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint while still getting the job done. With a range of more than 200 km on a single charge, you'll be able to get where you need. Plus, with a spacious cargo area and a range of advanced safety features, the E-Transit-350 is the perfect vehicle for any business owner. 
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Frequently Asked Questions About the Ford E-Transit 350

What is the range of the Ford E-Transit 350?

The range of the Ford E-Transit 350 is approximately 202 kilometers (126 miles) on a full charge.

How long does it take to fully charge the Ford E-Transit 350?

The Ford E-Transit 350 can be charged in a variety of ways, ranging from a standard 3-pin plug at home to public charging stations capable of fast charging. The charging time ranges from 30 hours on a 3-pin plug to just 30 minutes at a 150kW public charging station, which provides a range of 148 kilometers in 30 minutes. The fastest 50 kW charging station can charge from 20% to 80% in 50 minutes.

What is the payload capacity of a Ford E-Transit 350?

The maximum payload capacity for the Ford E-Transit 350 cargo van is 1,758 to 2,048 kilograms.

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