Elevate to a New Level in a 2019 Ford Explorer


The beach is calling… and the mountains, and the woods. No matter where you want to go, the 2019 Ford Explorer can take you there in style. With towing capacity of up to 5,000 lbs, you can take six friends and your favorite toys also.

Design of the Ford Explorer

The 2019 Ford Explorer has delivered capability and versatility for almost 3 decades. Fine seating for up to seven people is offered in a wide range of durable and fabrics and refined leather trims.

With a wide choice of engine options power is not optional, and advanced technology offers…

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Top Vehicle’s for Families on the Go


A good family vehicle offers safety, a roomy interior, and entertainment feature that will keep your entire family secure and comfortable. All of Ford’s vehicles come with a host of comprehensive safety features with even more available on higher trim levels. SUV’s are generally roomier than sedans so the top family vehicles on our list are all SUV’s, and all vehicles, especially in higher trim levels, offer infotainment features that will leave a smile on everyone’s face.

Ford Escape

The Ford Escape represents the pinnacle of convenience for you and your family, including a hands free…

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Ford's Future Vehicle Lineup


There are changes taking place at the American auto giant – ford. The automotive landscape is among the most competitive business environments in the world, and Ford must continually review and revise its strategy to stay at the forefront of innovation, and meet the demands of a changing marketplace.

SUV’s for Everyone

With demand for the best of the best at a new high, Joe Hinrichs, President of Global Operations for Ford, has said that by 2020 75% of Ford models will be renewed or refreshed. Four new models, including two cars and two SUV’s, will also be added…

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New Ford Vehicles for Sale in 2019

 For almost all cars each model year introduces some changes. However, most of those are minor updates that fix a particular issue or add a perk or two. The most significant changes come every few years with facelifts – more extensive changes to existing models that fix a number of reported issues, spice up the existing design and add some modernizing features – and, of course, completely new models. Here are a few examples of the models with significant changes for 2019.

First of all, we have to discuss the elephant in the room. Ford is giving up on a large number…

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Common Questions When Buying a Used Car


We’ve sold a lot of cars over the years, to great people just like you! Over that time, we’ve heard a lot of great questions that keep coming up. Here are the top five you’ll want to know about during your own car-buying journey:

1. What’s the condition of the vehicle?

You’ll probably want to inspect the car yourself, but we’re happy to give you a general rundown on the condition of the vehicle. As an AMVIC licensed car dealership, we’re obliged and proud to be completely truthful with you about the vehicles…

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