Why the Ford Mustang is the World’s Best Selling Sports Car 3 Years in a Row

Because even among tough completion, it’s just that good.

In 2017 Ford sold almost 126,000 Mustangs worldwide, making it the best-sold sport coupe in the world. The current generation is the first ever Mustang available globally, and its sales figures confirm that the Mustang delivers what the world wants.

Much of the appeal comes from its glorious history, however, the latest Mustang is really the best version to date. is the Mustang is the biggest reason for the recent muscle car revival, and also the best example of how to marry the classic with the modern to produce a fine-handling, power-spewing, style-setting machine.

Stylish Mustang Design

The Mustang is one of the most successful designs ever. The rear is somewhat similar to its old-school counterpart, while the front hosts an elegant sweeping hood above the aggressive headlights and grille. The lower front splitter adds some track-credential and complements the design perfectly.

From the side, the Mustangs line is impeccably smooth and muscular, with perfectly measured segments. From the wheels and bulging wheel arches, to the elegant lines along the doors and falling roofline – the Mustang is as beautiful as a car can be.

Mustang Engines

The sixth generation Mustang has had three levels of engine. The 3.7 l V6 with 300 hp was discontinued in 2017 as it was effectively made redundant by the other two options.  First, the 2.3 l I4 EcoBoost boasts better fuel economy and more power and torque than the V6 in a lighter, more affordable, technologically advanced and reliable package. The engine has 310 hp and now 350 lb-ft of torque – a 30 lb-ft increase for 2018.

The other option is also the most popular one – it is the revered Mustang GT with a 5 l V8. The engine got a slight increase in displacement for 2018, also raising the power from 435 hp to 460 hp and torque from 400 lb-ft to 420 lb-ft.

However, there is another step up. The Mustang GT350 has a 5.2 l V8 with 526 hp and 429 lb-ft of torque. There are even several other special edition models that add exclusivity to the vehicle.

Aside from the substantial push, all Mustang engines, including the I4, sound absolutely awesome. The V8 versions, of course, provide the best soundtrack, represented by healthy gurgles in the lower revs and manic roars in the higher range.

Day to Day, or on the Track – the Mustang Delivers

Despite its heritage of raw power and muscle, the Mustang is a modern car with loads of advanced comfort and safety perks, as well as optional performance packs that improve handling and acceleration.

Early risers will welcome the quiet mode that tames the exhaust note to keep your neighbors happy. The inside of the vehicle brings loads of leather and fine materials, advanced connectivity and comfort features, impeccable fit and finish and prominent stitching to add to the premium feel of the interior.

Alongside its stable and composed handling, the Mustang has more ground clearance than most competitors, which is very useful in everyday conditions.

So, why is the Mustang the best sold sports car three years in a row? It is simply the best all-round package out there – the only machine that manages to be a sensible purchase and at the same time an uncompromising beast on the track.

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