Ford - the Cars, Trucks and Technology that Have Built a Legend

One of the most famous global car manufacturers has really had an amazing history, packed with forward-thinking individuals, innovative business solutions and, of course, some of the most revered cars in the world.

The Ford Motor Company was founded by Henry Ford in 1903, so Ford vehicles have been cutting our roads for 115 years now. However, the first car Mr. Ford made saw the light of day seven years earlier. It was called the Ford Quadricycle and it had four bicycle wheels and an engine powered by ethanol.

Being the visionary that Henry Ford was, he quickly saw the importance and the potential of the new means of transport, and started a journey that quickly made cars and trucks a regular sight all over the world.

Ford Model T and the Assembly Line

As Ford says it, the “Model T put the world on wheels”. It was made in 1908 and it was rugged, reliable and, most importantly, affordable. At the time, cars were luxury commodities that only the filthy rich could afford. The Model T changed that. In the 19 years of its production, 15 million of them were sold and the USA only had about 100 million people at the time.

However, Ford didn’t only write the history of the automotive industry. His invention of the moving assembly line brought about a revolution in manufacturing and sped up the process immensely. Just as an example, the Model T’s production time dropped to just 1.5 hours, which lowered the price of the car.

Jeep and the F-Series

In the years to come, Ford modernized factories, acquired other brands, introduced new models, including the legendary Jeep, and even an airplane. In 1948, Ford introduced the F-Series line of trucks, which was the first truck built on a dedicated platform. These have been the best-selling vehicle in the US since 1982, and the current F-150 proudly continues this tradition.

Ford in the 1950s

The 1949 Ford was a major departure from the previously used technologies and design, and it marked the start of an era that brought us many cars that are now legendary. The Thunderbird was another model built for larger audiences, as it prioritized comfort, convenience and affordability over exclusiveness and sporty characteristics. For the more affluent there was the Continental Mk2, a stylish and elegant creation that was based on a custom car made for Edsel Ford, Henry Ford’s only son and a great patron of art.

The Ford Mustang

In 1964, Ford launched one of the most revered sports cars in history – the Ford Mustang. It was the first pony car, a term that represented affordable sporty cars with lightweight construction and elegant, instantly recognizable design. The Mustang became a legend and it was sewn into popular culture with movies such as Bullitt and songs such as Mustang Sally. Even though the fuel crisis of the 1970s hampered the development of the Mustang, its real rebirth came in the past few decades. The latest version, which combines the stunning retro design with modern styling and technology, is the first Mustang offered worldwide, and it instantly became the best-selling sports car in the world.

The Ford GT40 The GT40 is arguably the most significant American supercar. While Ford was aiming to make all kinds of cars accessible to the middle class, top European manufacturers were more focused on building extravagant and highly capable models with little regard to cost.

This made their supercars noticeably more capable than the US ones. Well, the GT40 changed that. The stunning mid-engine supercar obliterated all competition in Le Mans, snatching four consecutive wins and brutally taking Ferrari off the throne. There was nothing like the GT40 and it was so ahead of its time that the current version of the car looks very similar to the old one and is still stunning and up to date.

The Ford Fiesta

It might be strange to include a small hatchback in this short rundown of the glorious Ford industry, but the Fiesta is actually very significant. It brought Ford to the global market and transferred its philosophy of making cars for regular people overseas. It was a major success and the tiny car broke the one-year sales record of the legendary 1965 Mustang. This happened in 1976 and it was the beginning of Ford’s global success with affordable, but reliable and modern cars.

Ford EcoBoost Engine

The EcoBoost line is another example of Ford’s adaptability and industry leading innovation. As downsizing kicked in during the early 21st century, meeting the requirements to ensure lower fuel consumption and emissions, Ford introduced its line of EcoBoost turbo engines. These not only improved fuel efficiency and increased reliability, but also improved performance. The engines are so good that even the current Mustang has a four-cylinder EcoBoost engine option which still manages to make it lightning fast. The V6 EcoBoost is a major step up that successfully replaced some of the most revered American V8 engines.

Ford Today

Ford continues to build up on its glorious history. Revered vehicles like the Transit, F-150, Mustang and GT-40 have been among the best selling vehicles in their respective classes and are still going strong - representing the original philosophy of offering modern, reliable, capable, affordable and beloved machines.

Ford also pushes the industry forward with innovative solutions such as Ford Smart Mobility that is a broad system designed to bring innovation to connectivity, mobility, autonomous driving, data gathering and analysis.

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