Summer Maintenance Tips from Strathmore Ford

On the one hand, driving in summer is much easier than in the winter, but on the other hand, all those extra miles and long trips, especially in the sweltering heat, can do a real number on some of your car’s parts. As your Strathmore Ford dealership, we want the best for our customers in Calgary, AB, which is why recommend having the following parts checked out this summer:

Battery: Obviously if you’ve had your battery replaced in the last year or two this won’t apply, but if your battery is significantly older than that, you should know that heat will not do it any favors. Especially ahead of long road trips, where a bum battery could strand you on an unfamiliar road, getting that battery checked and potentially replaced could be a really good idea.

Tires: The same actually goes for tires. While we think of good tire tread being most helpful in the ice and snow, it matters a great deal during a strong summer rainstorm, as well. Furthermore, balding tires are more susceptible to getting a surprise flat, which also isn’t something you want in the midst of a road trip. We have plenty of choices and fair prices on several tires, so if you should need new ones this summer, we’ll be happy to take care of you!

Windshield wipers: Ice absolutely destroys wipers, which you may now be realizing as they fail to brush away the rain in the summer. They are incredibly quick and inexpensive for our service department to replace, so why not get that done this summer, too?

For your Ford cars, trucks, and SUVs, getting summer service done here at Strathmore Ford is the way to go, so stop by and get yours done today!


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